Blue is out of our top ranch dogs! She is very smart, loving, gentle and kind. She is easy to train, just wants to please and is always right by your side. Blue will produce blue eyed, blue merles and black tri's!

Ironwood is out of our family dogs! She is gentle, quiet, kind, smart and loving. She just wants to be by your side and is nice to have around. Iromwood will produce blue eyed, blue merles, red merles, black tri's and red tri's!

Mesquite is out of our family friendly ranch dogs! She is very loving, gentle and kind. This is a dog that will excel at anything. She is precious and will make excellent puppy's for children or for a therapy dog. Mesquite will produce blue eyed, blue merles, red merles, black tri's and red tri's with copper and white!

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Tumbleweed is out of our family friendly ranch dogs! She is fun with a super loving, gentle, family dog personality! She is precious and kind and is going to make a great addition to our breeding program! Tumbleweed will produce blue eyed and copper colored eyed, blue merles and black tri's with lots of copper, white coloring and facial markings!

Marana is always focused on you and what you are doing. From 8 weeks of age she will follow right with you, not leaving your side, while the other dogs run by. She watches your every move with her focus on wanting to follow your lead. She is extremely loving and loyal. Marana talks to you just like her mother Delta and is an easy pup to work with. She is so smart, she picks up your words and gestures quick and acts like a solid dog already. Like her full sister Sage, she has fulfilled our expectations and a lot more!

Sage is out of Canyon and Delta. We waited many years to have the litter that would produce this dog. This girl at a young age has already fulfilled our expectations and more. She is extremely smart like her mom and dad, making her unbelievably easy to train. Her focuses is on you when working with her, even as a pup. She is loyal and loving, learns very quick, wants to please and is totally focused on her person. 

 Our Girls ~


Copper is an extremely sweet and loving dog. She is quiet, very pleasing and always acts with respect. Copper is a great family dog, she is always up for anything and just wants to be with you. She will play with and keep the kids entertained all day, or just snuggle up in your lap for hours. Copper is a nice dog to have around! She is our family friendly, kid friendly, easy going, sweet, extremely loving, kind, mellow girl!



Heavy working foundation bloodlines in this girl. This is the strongest working dog bloodline you can find and it proves itself in Delta. Strong dog, extremely hard worker. Very intense. She stays completely focused on the tasks she is given. This dog will give 120% to what ever you ask of her. She likes to compete for your affection so she will make sure to out do any other dog. Exceptionally loyal, loving and protective of her family. 

Extremely intelligent.. Our sweet girl.. She is an excellent family dog. Dally is from the most titled bloodlines, with exceptional working parents. She learns instantly. Heals back and low. Will head nice and quiet.  She is a fun, quiet, easy going, loving, family friendly dog. Dally is fun to be around, she will smile at you for some love and fake a paw injury to get attention! She loves to play frisby or ball with the kids and is a very good watch dog for the family.