Ironwood is out of our family dogs! Ironwood is like her dad, sweet, gentle and kind. She just wants to be by your side and is nice to have around. Ironwood produces pups that are great for the whole family, they also make great therapy dogs.

Reata is out of Canyon and Delta and spitting image of Canyon. She is relaxed, easy going and loves her people. Reata's puppies are excellent for service dog work and as a personal best buddy or for the whole family! 

Rancher is out of the old bloodline of working dog! She is extremely smart, focused and loyal. She just wants to serve you. Rancher was offered to us by our close friend, Rodger Stevens so that we could keep the great Woods and Blue Bear lines going. 

Sedona is out of Choya and Stetson. She is intent on pleasing you and loves her family. She is agile, focused and ready to work for you. Sedona's puppies are excellent for service dog work or as an all around family dog! 

Grit is out of Canyon and Delta and spitting image of Delta. She is intense, intelligent and devoted to her person. Grit's puppies excel extremely well in sporting venues. Grits pups are excellent as personal buddies, hiking buddies, agility partners or as a service dog!

Mesquite is out of our family friendly ranch dogs! She is very loving, gentle and kind. She is happy to get belly rubs, or play with the kids. She is precious and produces excellent pups for children, or to use as therapy dogs. 

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Tumbleweed is out of our family friendly ranch dogs! She is fun with a super loving, gentle, family dog personality! She is precious and kind and makes a great addition to our breeding program! Tumbleweed produces great all around family dogs!

Marana's whole focus is on you and what you are doing. Even as a pup, she will follow right with you, not leaving your side, while other dogs run by. She watches your every move with her focus on wanting to please you. She is extremely loving and loyal. Marana is an extremely easy dog to work with. She is human like in her thought process, she picks up your words and gestures quick and reacts instantly to them. She has fulfilled our expectations and a whole lot more! This is the dog we strive hard to produce!


Branch is a cousin to Delta and was sent to us by our close friend, Rodger Stevens to use in our program to keep the Woods and Blue Bear lines going. Branch is a calm, quiet dog, ready to work for you. She is focused, attentive, loyal and honest as they come. 

 Our Girls ~

Copper~ Retired

Copper is an extremely sweet and loving dog. She is quiet, very pleasing and always acts with respect. Copper is a great family dog, she is always up for anything and just wants to be with you. She will play with and keep the kids entertained all day, or just snuggle up in your lap for hours. Copper is a nice dog to have around! She is our family friendly, kid friendly, easy going, sweet, extremely loving, kind, mellow girl!



Heavy working foundation bloodlines in this girl. This is without a doubt the best working dog bloodline you will find and it proves itself in Delta. Strong dog, extremely hard worker, very intense. She stays completely focused on the tasks she is given. This dog will give 150% to what ever you ask of her. She likes to compete for your affection, so she will make sure to out do any other dog. Exceptionally loyal, loving and protective of her family. 

Our sweet girl.. She is an excellent, loving family dog. She is a cute, quiet, gentle, easy going, loving, family friendly dog. Bisbee is fun to be around with her happy go lucky way about her. Her puppies make excellent family, or service dogs! 

Choya is Copper's daughter and is so much like her. She is a super sweet, super gentle, devoted to her family dog. Choya's puppies are excellent for homes with children, or to use as therapy dogs. 


Harley is out of our working line! She is very smart, loyal, intelligent and kind. She is easy to train, just wants to please, and is always right by your side. Harley's pups are excellent as personal dogs, agile, focused and excel in any sport!