Sage will be breed with Cinch mid 2019, a precious male from our ranch. This cross will bring easy going, smart, loving dogs. These pups will be calm, loving, family friendly and super pleasing dogs. These pups will be great for children or elderly! 


                     Breeding in Fall of 2019

   Puppies will be Red meles, Blue merles, Red tris + Black tris with                             Blue eyes!

  Sage                                  Cinch

  Marana                                Cinch

  Mesquite                                Cinch

Marana will be breed with Cinch. This cross will bring extremely smart, super loyal, loving dogs. These pups will be very pleasing, very obsessed, protective, perfect dogs for an outdoor companion, hunting dog, hiking dog or therapeutic dog.


                     Breeding in Oct of 2019

   Puppies will be Red tris + Black tris with white collars and white legs with spots and Blue, Amber or duel colored eyes!

​   ​We take pride in our amazing dogs, we spent years searching for them and they have been true to us. They have become more than just an Aussie, they are a mind and heart of the family. If you are looking for a companion dog for your child, an amazing family protection dog that needs no training, or a quiet working right hand on the ranch, then you will find that in our dogs. 

   We want you to take home the right dog for your family and your needs, so please email us with want you are looking to find in your dog, we will do our best to point you to the right pup.

Mesquite will be breed with Cinch. This cross will bring very calm, quiet, kind, gentle, easy to deal with, loving dogs. These pups will be very pleasing dogs, great for therapy dogs!


                     Breeding in January of 2020

   Puppies will be Blue and Red merles with white collars and blue or duel colored eyes!

Australian Shepherd upcomming litters page

If you are interested in a puppy please visit our health guarantee page, then the contact us page!  :)

  Tumbleweed                             Cinch

Copper                               Cinch

Delta                              Canyon

Tumbleweed will be breed with Cinch. This cross will bring easy going, fun, energetic, loving dogs. These pups will be family friendly, child proof, sweet, super pleasing dogs! 

​​                      Litter due Fall of 2019

     Puppies will be Red merles, Blue merles + Red tris with white collars and Blue or Amber colored eyes!

The cross between these two, will make extremely gentle and loving family dogs. This cross will be an easy dog to work with, quiet, willing, calm. These two have a very easy going attitude, making them nice to have around the family.

These pups have made excellent therapy dogs and dogs for special needs.  

​                Litter due in March of 2019

   Puppies will be Blue merles + black tri's with white collars and blue or duel colored eyes!​​

 Delta  and  Canyon, this cross will make an extremely intelligent, intense, loving dog. These pups will go above and beyond to please. They pups will be extremely loving, protective and have the sense to know exactly what you want.

These pups are excellent working dogs, therapeutic dogs and for adults or children who need that special friend.


                   Litter due March of 2019

Puppies will be solid Blue merles + Black Bi's with white speckled legs and blue or duel colored eyes!