Rancher is a highly intelligent, very focused, dedicated to her person dog.   

Rancher is level headed, honest and human like.

 Rancher will be your best hiking buddy, jogging partner, ranch hand or loyal beyond belief companion.

 Rancher is out of Woods and Blue Bear lines! These are the best bloodlines you will ever find in a dog, period.

These are some of the very few original Aussie lines. You will not find the intelligence, sound mind, solid demeanor and loyalty of these dogs hardly anywhere anymore!

  40 # pounds at mature weight

  19"  inches tall at shoulder 

         Rare Solid red!


 Rancher is an intelligent dog with a mind to work for you. She likes to be right by your side watching over you and waiting for you to need her!


Rancher is very intelligent and picks up commands quickly. She will watch your gestures, listen to your words and react almost immediately.

  Rancher comes from on old line of working dogs, she was bred to work. The phrase 'working dog' means that they want to serve you. Working dog does not mean they need to go work cattle all day, this only means they want to serve you and serve you she does. 

If you are looking for a right hand, a loyal, faithful best friend, a one on one companion, a true partner, then this is the girl for you.


Rancher is AKC and ASCA Registered

Rancher is full panel CLEAR of being AFFECTED by any Australian Shepherd genetic defects.