Ironwood will have red and blue merles, red and black tri's with blue eyes.

 This old soul is calm, quiet and respectful. Her presence is almost unknown as She sits back watching all that goes on throughout your day, staying patiently to the side when you are busy, waiting for you to need her. She approaches you in such a gentle way, its as if she can read you.


She is a truly special to have around!

Ironwood is a gentle and loving dog. She never gets excited about any situation. She seems to be almost human with her mindful way of setting back to assess a situation before moving forward. She has a passion for and is gentle and caring of other dogs, puppies and children as if they are her own.

Ironwood is an excellent dog for familys, children and the elderly. 


20" Tall at shoulder

46# at mature weight

Ironwood is an 'old soul'. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out !

Ironwood is CLEAR of being AFFECTED by ALL  Australian Shepherd genetic disease traits.