Branch is AKC and ASCA registered.

Branch will have self blue merles with blue and or auburn eyes and black bi's


​Branch is clear by parantage and is not AFFECTED by any disease trait.

19" at shoulder

44# at mature weight

Branch is bred the same as Delta. She is the spitting image of Delta, personality, demenor and confirmation.

*Branch is an incredibly smart dog who just lives to please you *

Her want to please makes her extremely easy to train, as she does not want to do anything to upset you. 

*Branch lives and breaths to be by your side*

   (Yet, she has no issues patiently waiting for you when your out).

Branch is very alert, very focused on you and very patient and kind. Branch is also very agile with her pups making GREAT competition dogs. Greatly exceling as working dogs, herding dogs, Dock diving, agility, frisbee... you name it. They can and will succeed your expectations. Her pups are also excellent for search and rescue and as service dogs.

Branch's pups make excellent partners for the hiker or runner who wants a dog to watch over them and stay alert.

She is perfect as a family or personal companion!

Branch is sweet, gentle, loving, bonding and always at your side.

She makes an excellent best buddy!