41#s at mature weight

19" at shoulder

Harley is AKC and ASCA registered.

Harley will have self blue and red merles and black and red bi's with blue and or auburn eyes 


Harley is out our working line. This incredibly smart dog will do anything for her person, just like her mom Delta.  She is also very devoted and loves to give you immense love and attention like her dad, Canyon. 

She is extremely loyal, smart and focused and will do anything that is asked of her.

Harley is a very easy going girl with an excellent work ethic and an extreme intelligence. She is up for anything and adapts well to any situation. Her pups make excellent personal companions and service dogs.

She loves her person and pleasing them and just wants to be by their side. 


Harley's pedigee is the same as her full sister Reata. We will be adding it shortly.

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