Our Aussie's are also great as family pets! ~

There is a lot said on the internet about Aussie's needing a job and not making good family dogs.

We understand why people would say this, as we see MANY breeders breeding for color only so they can make a quick buck and not breeding true Aussies with high intelligence in mind. 

We started breeding because we want to preserve the true intelligent Aussie. Our dogs have been specially picked and bred, with a lot of attention into making a calm, intelligent, easy to train Australian Shepherd without the high strung, obnoxious dog that is being bred by so many.

 We do not mass produce three litters a month. We focus on each breeding. Rest assured you are getting an intelligent, faithful and true Australian Shepherd from our ranch. 
Our Aussie's are calm, willing to please, easy to work with, quiet and loving, making them wonderful family dogs! Our Aussie's are gentle with and have a true passion for children. 


Here is some fun stuff on the amazing aussie minds with Jay Sisler, a great man who owned the true American Aussie...


Australian Shepherds

We found, after all our digging and research looking for the old blood of the Aussie, that they are rare.The Aussie has been bred out to achieve the long coat for looks, in the process loosing their intelligence and calm demeanor.

The bloodline you find now is not a dog that can, or will work. It is not a dog that wants to please or protect your family to the end. It is not a dog with grit!

The bloodlines that are mass bred and sold most everywhere (with the exception of a few breeders who still carry the old line), have short snouts, tall boxy heads, long hair, they are high strung, don't care to listen, bark, dig.. not a true Aussie.   

       The true Aussie, has a long slender snout and a low sloping neck line, this allows for stronger breathing and smell, which is used highly for finding cattle and for giving them the lung stamina to move cattle a long way. Sloping, slender head allows the Aussie better eye sight. A working dog will have a short coat, thus not getting brush and stickers stuck in it. A short tail is needed to work livestock as tails get stepped on, stuck going thu fences, broke, cut, thus causing infection killing the dog. A working Aussie needs to be small boned with a slender build for agile movement and quick get aways. 

There are only a few breeders left breeding the old Aussie bloodlines, so we decided to keep the original bloodlines going. We know you will be happy with your true working Aussie. 

We spent years heavily researching and looking for the bloodline of our ranch dogs. I wanted a dog for my family and our ranch. A dog as good as the ones I worked ranches with and was raised on. I wanted my children to experience the amazing Aussie mind....

extremely intelligent, quick witt, not easily distracted, very focused and protective of her family dog.

     The true working   Australian Shepherd.

Our working Australian Shepherds come from old bloodlines. They are true working ranch and family dogs.

Our Aussie's work slow and easy, this is the old way of working cattle. Less stress on the cattle. Our Aussie's take there time approaching the cattle, looking for the best way to move them forward. Once engaged, there is no bite or ravaging of the cattle, this allows for a less stressed more cooperative cow. Stressed cattle, loose weight, get sick or fall dead.