Reserving a puppy

         Our waiting list is usually over a year in wait for puppies. Puppies do come available though, as people decide to pick a different puppy or move to a different litter. You are welcome to get on the waiting list for notifications of upcoming litters by sending us your contact information.​ If you would like to hold your place in a litter, we require a 200.00 deposit. You can do this thru PayPal or on our web site. Placing a deposit on a litter, will reserve you a puppy from the litter of your choice, it will hold your place, not the price. 
         You can reserve a puppy in the litter of your choice by submitting a non refundable deposit. This deposit is transferable to another litter only if the puppy of your choice ie; red merle male, does not come available. ​

         Reserves for a specific puppy of a litter are by first deposit received. Example, two people want a Black tri female, the person who gave a deposit first will get first pick of the puppy they reserved. If there is only one black tri female in the litter, then the other party will be allowed to move their deposit to the next litter of their choice, or pick a different puppy from the original litter.  When submitting a deposit, add the litter, color and sex of the puppy you want to reserve.

        Once the Dam of the litter you are interested in is pregnant, you will receive an email from us notifying you. Once the puppies are born, we send information, videos and pictures throughout the process. Puppy pick time is at 5 weeks of age. We wait until 5 weeks of age, so that you can better see the personality of the puppies before deciding on which one to take home
. Puppies are wormed and vaccinated by state guidelines. Puppies can go home at 8 weeks of age. We send you home with training techniques, feeding and care information, health guarantee, vaccination record and access to a professional trainer who works with us.

We want to make sure you are happy with the puppy you take home from us!

Puppy prices 

Deposits are 200.00, A deposit reserves your spot in the litter of your choice.

The deposit goes toward the purchase price of the puppy.  

2023 Prices
Merle puppies are 1900.00, tri's and bi's are 1250.00
Split faces are 2500.00


2024 Prices
Merle puppies are 2500.00, tri's and bi's are 1500.00
Split faces are 3000.00

Breeding rights are 800.00 more

Inquire with us about acquiring breeding rights

                                          Health Guarantee

IRON AUSSIE'S offers a 3 day guarantee that to the best of our knowledge, the puppy/dog taken home from our ranch is free of diseases. The buyer should take their puppy to their own veterinarian within these 3 days. If it is found by the veterinarian within 3 days of the signed contract, that the puppy cannot live a normal life due to bad health or breeding defects, we will happily refund or replace the puppy once we receive the veterinary reports. The ill puppy will be taken back by us our can be kept by the buyers, but must be spayed/ neutered at buyers expense. Buyer acknowledges that if any of the ill health issues arise, seller is not responsible for any medical expenses. No exceptions.

We supply health guarantees on the puppies being sold and health clearances which are genetic tests done on the parents. Health clearances are documented proof supplied by us, Iron Aussie's, that the parents are not affected by certain genetic or hereditary diseases or disorders which can be passed on to the pups.  

As the breeder, Iron Aussie's can provide documentation of genetic testing done on the parents such as Normal (Clear) NHEJ1 and Normal (Clear) HSF-4 or full clearances from Paw Prints Genetics. Puppies are cleared by parentage of these genetic disorders. Puppies grandparents are cleared of NHEJ1 and HSF-4 hereditary defects thru genetic testing as well.  

We also offer a 2 year health guarantee against autoimmune disorder and heart defects (not caused by heartworms). If these genetic disorders arise, we will replace the dog if all terms are met. Your puppy/dog will have to had completed their series of shots and worming and be kept current on all vaccinations, with veterinarian proof. We must be notified within 10 days of diagnosis. All tests are done at buyers expense, as Iron Aussie's is not responsible for any medical expenses. We will need to have documentation from two veterinarians at separate practices verifying the genetic disorder that we guarantee against. If the two veterinarians agree, we will happily give credit towards another puppy of equal sex and color. Your original puppy will not need to be destroyed or returned, but must be spayed or neutered with the documentation sent to us. Iron Aussie's does not guarantee against contagious or infectious diseases, virus, neglect, poor diet or preventable conditions. We are not responsible for diseases, injuries or virus which the puppy/dog contracts after leaving our ranch. Iron Aussie's assumes no responsibility of any kind for expenses. Return shipping is buyers responsibility.


                                                             WE COMPLY

                               We comply with and agree with the standards of the Australian Shepherd club of America.

The Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) was established as the parent club for the breed in 1957. They are the largest  independent breed-specific club in North America! Click this link for the ASCA's information on buying an Australian shepherd from a breeder.

We are sure you will love your new puppy, so be sure

to send us future updates!



You are welcome to come to the ranch to pick up your puppy, or we have a nanny that fly's your puppy to you. We have Puppies that have flown with our nanny across the country and across the world.
How it works.. our nanny picks your puppy up from us. Your puppy fly's with our nanny in the cabin. The nanny meets you at your airport with your puppy. This is wonderful as your puppy does not have to go in a crate in cargo!

If you decide to fly your puppy with our nanny, we will email you with all the details on how it works. We will also set up everything to have your puppy safely delivered to you.
Shipping with our nanny is 650.00 flat! You pay the nanny when you pick up your puppy.

Shipping cargo is --->
Shipping will be around 520.00 for travel in the USA. Crate is 110.00. Vet health certificate to fly is 120.00. Total for cargo shipping is 750.00 +-