Choya will have Blue and red merle's and red and black tri's with blue eyes or duel colored eyes.

Choya is AKC and ACSA registered.

Chyoya is full panel CLEAR of being AFFECTED by any Australian Shepherd genetic defects.

   Choya is so much like her sister Bisbee.. She is a sweet, precious, gentle dog! Choya loves your affection and loves to be loved on. She is extremely devoted to her family. She will follow right by your side or sit next to you all day. She loves her family and all children.  

   Choyas puppies are excellent for children, the elderly, for therapy use or as family dogs!

19" inches tall at shoulder

​46# pounds at mature weight


Choya is such a simple dog, easy going and sweet. She will follow along with you in anything you are doing. She is up for playing with the kids or just lounging around with you in the house. She gets along wonderfully with anyone and any animal.


She is sweet, respectful, calm, quiet and loving!