Our Boys

​ Cinch is a sweet, want to be right by your side kind of dog. He is smart, gentle, kind, easy to work with, and super loving. Cinch loves everyone and enjoys being with the children and the family. He just wants to be loved. He has made a superb family dog.



Range SR.

Range is a nice, easy going family dog. He is really easy to please! He enjoys time with the family, is loyal and has a nice quiet demeanor. Range is always happy, nothing ever seems to bother him. He is friendly to all and makes a great family dog.

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              Cowboy is out of Delta and Canyon and carries on both of their exceptional traits!

      Cowboy is focused on you and the work for the day.

  He is ready, willing and wanting to work with you. He is also very bonding and loving. Cowboy is a very smart dog, dominate and logical in his thought process.

His pups excel in competitive sports, as working/servce dogs and make all around great family dogs.


Our Retired Boys


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          Range is one of our upcoming males...

We will be adding pictures and Information about Rnage as he ages.


           Stetson is sweet, happy fun and loving!

            He wants to be your best buddy!

 Stetson is bred the same as Canyon and Delta and it shows! He is an extremely bonding dog making an excellent best friend and personal companion. He is loyal beyond belief, focused and highly intelligent. He is a working dog and will work for you, whether it is in community service, cattle or agility.


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Justified is an amazingly sweet, silly, fun and loving dog! He is very loyal, focused on you and wanting to be your best buddy. Canyon is Justified's uncle and it shows in almost everyway. They have the same butt wag when approaching you, the same gentle and loving demeanor, the same big, cuddly hugs and the same easy going attitude. Yet they can do all this and still present themselves as a big, strong bold dog! 

Canyon is extremely loyal, bonded and loving. Canyon is a true pleasure to work with and have around. 

He is sincere, loving and easy going. Canyon is always right by your side, ready to go on any adventure.

 This dog has the intelligence of a human and did not take any formal training! He knew right away what we wanted with hand or voice commands! This dog went right to work on cattle, moving them thru chutes and around the pens like he had been doing it forever, he was only 6 months old! Canyon is also great around the house, he is so smart he understands when you need space and jumps in when you need help. He truly thinks he's human, helping, or in his way fixing what's needed.

  This is one true Aussie that we cannot say enough about!


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