We work with

Krystal Blaker of Ruff House,

a professional dog trainer out of Tucson, Arizona. She is happy to help and can service our out of state clients over video calls.

​​    https://ruffhouse.biz/

                                                                                                                                 Reserving a puppy

         Ourwaiting list is usually over a year in wait for puppies. Puppies do come available though, as people decide to pick a different puppy, or a different litter. You are welcome to get on the waiting list for notifications of upcoming litters by sending us your contact information.​ If you would like to hold your place in a litter, we require a 200.00 deposit. You can do this thru PayPal on our web site. Placing a deposit on a litter, will reserve you a puppy from the litter of your choice.

 You canreserve a puppyin the litter of your choice by submitting a non refundable deposit. This deposit is transferable to another litter only if the puppy of your choice ie; red merle male does not come available. ​

         Reserves for a specific puppy of a litter are by first deposit received. Example, two people want a Black tri female, the person who gave a deposit first will get first pick of the puppy they reserved. If there is only one black tri female in the litter, then the other party will be allowed to move their deposit to the next litter of their choice, or pick a different puppy from the original litter. 

         We have many people wanting the same puppy. So, once you pick, we have to inform the others on the waiting list that puppy is no longer available. Do to this, once your puppy has been picked, your deposit is no longer transferable. If the puppy is not paid in full and picked up on pick up date, you will be notified and have 24 hours to contact us or the next person in line will be notified the puppy is again available and your deposit will not be refunded.

         When submitting a deposit, add the litter, color and sex of the puppy you want to reserve.

Once the Dam of the litter you are interested in is pregnant, you will receive an email from us notifying you. Once the puppies are born, we send information, pictures and videos throughout the process.
Puppy pick time is 5 weeks of age.We wait until 5 weeks of age, so that you can better see the personality of the puppies before deciding on which one to take home.


Merle puppies are 2000.00, tri's and bi's are 1500.00
Split faces are 3000.00

​  You are welcome to come to the ranch to pick up your puppy, or we have a ground nanny and a flight nanny that brings our puppies to you.
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                   About our Australian Shepherds and why our dogs and our program are absolutely the best  -->​​

​​Wework hardto produce an exceptional dog you can take home and be happy you did. 

We focuson each breeding to produce a great personality that will fit into your home. Rest assured you are getting an intelligent, faithful and true Australian Shepherd from our ranch.

Our Aussie's are bred to be calm, making them excellent family dogs and perfect for a home with a smaller back yard. You will find an extremely smart, dedicated, quiet and easy to train dog in a puppy from our breeding program. 

We start withmaking sure you get the right personality traits for your family. If you would like to tell us what you are you are looking for in a dog and what you enjoy doing, we can point you to the right litter for your home and family.

When you decide to choose a puppy from our ranch, you are never alone.We are always here to help along the way.  We also have professional dog trainers and service dog trainers that work with us. They are here to help you as well after you take your puppy home.

​ We want to make sure you and your puppy have a great future and that you and your family are happy with the puppy you choose to make part of your life.

Meet our Australian Shepherds! â€‹

As a dog owner, a parent, a rancher, a neighbor, and so many other things.. we want a dog that is smart, loving, protective, does not bother the neighbors, takes care of our children and is easy to live with.​

​We believe when you take a dog home from our ranch you would want the same, so
we strive to breed the best.

Not all Aussies are bred the same! We breed the old line of the original Australian Shepherd. A dog with focus, respect, a calm demeanor and a true desire to please.

We cannot say enough about these dogs and how amazing they are.We believe everyone should have a TRUE Aussie in their home. If you do not know the TRUE Aussie mind, you are missing SO much!

We take pride in our amazing dogs,they have been wonderful to us! They have become more than just an Aussie, they are a mind and heart of the family. If you are looking for a companion dog for your children, an amazing family protection dog that needs little training, or a quiet working right hand on the ranch, then you will find that in our dogs.

All our breeding dogs areraised from a puppyon our ranch and almost all come from our breedings! This way we know what we are producing for you!

Our dogs are full panelgenetic tested clearof being affected by Australian Shepherd desease traits and hip tested good or better!


       Visit our 'Past Puppy' page for pictures of past puppies and to read what past puppy owners have said about their puppy from Iron Side Ranch!

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