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    Here is what past puppy owners have told us after taking their puppies home from our ranch :)  --->

July 7, 2017
Absolutely loved working with Jennifer to acquire one of their gorgeous Blue Merle pups. She answered every question I had in a timely manner, provided all paperwork that we requested, and never once gave me a feeling of discomfort regarding this purchase. When we had to travel over state lines, she was hepful the entire way through. Now that we have little Tigger, we can see exactly why Iron Side is held in high esteem. I am an avid dog-lover,and it is rare to find a pup of his caliber. Intelligent, sweet, calm and submissive, and non-destructive- all that you could ask for in a dog. It is rare that you get to have an experience so positive regarding a purchase, and for that I am grateful to Iron Side Ranch! :)

Linda and Greg P

April 1, 2018
We have just picked up our second pup from Iron Side Ranch...YES we love these dogs so much, we just had to have two!! We found Iron Side Ranch in January 2017 when we got our Sampson and the past year with him has been wonderful. SO smart, SO sweet and overall is probably the best dog we have ever had. These pups love you, love kids, love other dogs and learn commands very quickly. We picked up our Onyx girl on Friday and let me tell you not ONE accident. So when you read that they are incredibly smart, it is SO true. Jennifer has been wonderful to work with. She really cares about these pups and her mission behind the ranch is really awesome! You will not be disappointed!! Highly recommend!! 
Megan and Tres L

April 1, 2017

       Sampson is getting so big and he's such a good boy. Him and Dutchie are really the best of buds, it melts my heart every day. It is so funny because he has so much energy, but in the mornings and when we get home, he can't do anything before getting hugs and love from both me and my husband. Love him so much and am so happy I saw his picture that Saturday morning while scrolling through Facebook! Below are some pictures so you can see how big he's getting!

Megan L

April 9, 2017

 Hey there,
         We just finished our first trail walk.  He got meet about 20 other dogs and play in the grass along the trail. You guys weren't kidding about him following right alongside you.  After we got familiar at my house I took him straight over to a walking trail .  After about the first 10 minutes I realized he wasn't going to go far from my side.  I let him off leash for the portions we were well away from cars.  Even when strangersneould come up and pet him, he would always return right back to me and keep pacenwith myself and my other dog.

I had multiple groups of people commenting not just on how good looking he is but mainly on how well behaved he is.  People had a hard time believing I had just received him.  He is definitely a smart little guy and well trained and bred by your family.

He is passed out next to me now.  So far so good.  He was already giving big smiles on the trail.  It helps thsy the weather is actually nice out today.  Weve had a string of storms and frigid weather.  Many folks commented on that they hadnt met a calm Auzzie like him before.  You folks may get some easy referrals just on temperament alone.

Very satisfied with him.

Greg H.


July 1, 2017

Hey Jennifer!
I put together this little video of some of the fun Ollie and I have been having over the last few weeks!
Everyone calls him a little bear, and he has made so many friends! He's such a little smarty pants, which sometimes makes him super sassy if he's doing something he knows he's not supposed to do. But he catches on very quickly and is always eager to please! He's growing like a weed and has already gained over 5 pounds since I picked him up. He LIVES for meal time and always tries as hard as he can to steal his friends' food, even if he just ate. He is absolutely a water-loving dog and would spend all day splashing around in his doggie pool if I let him. I love him so much, and he has already had an unbelievably positive impact in my life. He makes me want to wake up early, have productive days. I can't wait until he is done with his vaccinations so I can start taking him out for hikes and to the dog park as well!
I am a ridiculous dog mom and made Ollie his own Instagram and everything. I know, I am too much. Haha I can't help it, he has such a cute personality! He has been the perfect addition to my little family, I couldn't have chosen a more perfect puppy.

Madison D


My husband and I picked up our “furry boy” at the end of March and are SO HAPPY with him!
He’s a beautiful blue Merle with TONS of personality. His intelligence is amazing to watch in action. Jennifer’s breeding program is well thought out and she continues to be a great resource helping us along the way.

August 9, 2018
We were lucky to find Ironside Ranch in October, 2017. We went home with a beautiful black tri puppy that we named Chance. Chance is not out first Aussie. He is amazing!! Chance has been so easy to train, he wants to please. He started picking up things that I drop, paper, plastic bottles, spoons ... , at 5 months old. He will go out and pick up the paper out front. Chance is almost 11 months old, now, and I have yet to use a training collar on him, there is no need. Chance is very protective. He is wonderful with our grandchildren, ranging from 1 to 4 years old.
I would not hesitate to get another puppy from Ironside Ranch!

Renee and Tom K

September 7, 2017

We picked up our puppy in July renamed her Naelah...means woman champion in Gaekic. She is red tri with green eyes and hands down the best aussie we have owned. Everything we were told about the breed has been true. A calm gentle loving pet. Does not shed, is laid back, loves people children dogs and my husband and I equally. She us so smart and just a fun bundle of joy. She has all the normal commands down. She is quiet at night in our room until we get up at 7am and will not bother us if we oversleep. Just the best dog. We keep her very active and of course a tired dig is a good dog. I am ready for number 2!!

Nancy H


We are very happy with our pup, he is a very calm laid back puppy. We recently took him to a ranch to do a little work and he got tons of compliments on how calm and well behaved he was. We have only let him loose with the 4h goat, but he really wants to work it, a lot! I think he will become a pretty good cow dog in the future. Definitely comes from a nice line of dogs.

September 30, 2017
It’s been six weeks since I️ picked up Dixie from Jennifer and I️ don’t know how I️ went 20 years without her! She is my best friend and I love her to pieces! She is so smart and curious about everything, she most definitely keeps me busy.....I don’t know how calm and gentle she is but she is just a puppy with puppy energy! Thanks for everything Jennifer!

Emily M
July 2, 2017
We purchased a red tri female in July and she has been everything we hoped for. Calm, loving, quiet (except at play time), no barking and no shedding. But most of all her sweet loving personality shines through. She loves everyone. We have her started in agility and various other classes to keep her sharp mind busy. Thank you Ironside. Now all I want for Christmas is a little blue merle companion. Maybe next litter.
November 17, 2017
We were blessed to find Iron Side Ranch!! We got our boy Rocko about two months ago and he is the best dog we have ever had! At 14 weeks he’s almost 100% potty trained, he knows sit, lay down, shake with both paws and almost has roll over on command! The breeding program they have is amazing, its really about making a great healthy dog in a loving environment. Jennifer agreed to keep Rockos tail at our request and we couldn’t be happier to have have our boy!!


July 11, 2017
  Jennifer has been an amazing breeder to work with. She has been a wealth of knowledge throughout the process of adding my puppy to my family, answering every question I could think of and giving me tips on caring for and training my pup. Her Aussies are an old, working bloodline and are bred for their intelligence and personalities. This REALLY shows through in my Ollie. I spoke to 25+ breeders before deciding Iron Side Ranch was a match for me, and I am beyond thrilled that everything worked out the way it did.

Madison K

May 12, 2017

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for the information about the shots and tips for digestion.
Olive has done great! She didn't make a peep on the way home. She has taken to her yard outside really well and is having fun. Last night couldn't have gone better, she whined once in the middle of the night then when she woke at 5:45 to go to the bathroom. After coaxing her out of her crate she went right to her yard and used the bathroom.
We feel blessed to have her join our family.

Joe M and family

 Hi, I hope this video makes you feel good!
 Thank you so much for raising such a sweet heart (and confident) puppy for us.

 May 9, 2017

We are doing absolutely fantastic! He minds well and is well behaved when going to the store and such too. He is a wonderful dog. I think he really rounded out the house. He is a ham too. Just great personality overall.

Linda P

March 30, 2017
Love the generous heart and expertise of Jennifer and her entire family!
Rachael M


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