20" Tall at shoulder

50# at mature weight


Best dogs
Blue merle

  Cowboy is Red Factored

Pincie Creek, Woods, Blue bear, Working dog, Trialing dog, Service dog, Search and rescue dog

Cowboy is AKC and ASCA Registered

  Cowboy is full panel CLEAR on ALL Australian Shepherd genetic defects.

family dog
Australian shepherd

    Cowboy is a working dog, out of the old Woods / Blue Bear lines.

   He is out of Canyon and Delta and carries the exceptional traits of both of his parents! We kept Cowboy for our breeding program to keep these old lines going.

      Cowboy is focused on you and the work for the day. He is ready, willing and wanting to work for you. He is also very bonding, loyal and loving. He is a smart dog, logical and sound minded in his thought process.

Cowboy is unbelievably agile and built right. His pups excel in competition venues, as working/service dogs and as family dogs! They are also excellent for someone looking for a true personal companion!