Stetson is a working dog, out of the old Woods lines. He is small, agile and built right. As a working dog, he aims to please. This means he will work to serve you. He is ready to go when you are and ready to stay back when asked. 

Stetson is extremely agile, focused on the task and very easy to train. His pups EXCELL in trialing, ranch work, agility, frisbee, dock diving and anything you want to do with them.

  Stetson lives to please you and the family. He is a quiet, calm, respectful boy, with a high intelligence and a sincere personality.

  Stetsons pups make great family dogs, you can take them to the kids sports games for fun or compete in 4h classes with them. These are also the pups to have if you are a runner, or a backpacker, as they will stay right by your side and watch over you on the trail.

These dogs are quiet dogs, they only bark when needed to alert you of danger. These dogs are respectful in and out of the home and great to have as part of the family.

                     Stetson's pups love children and make great family dogs!

Solid red australian shepherd

20" Tall at shoulder

39# at mature weight

  Stetson is full panel CLEAR on ALL Australian Shepherd genetic defects.

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Pincie Creek, Woods, Blue bear, Working dog, Trialing dog, Service dog, Search and rescue dog

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Stetson is AKC and ASCA Registered


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