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    Ironside Ranch is owned and operated by myself, my husband and my two children. I myself had a troubled childhood, with many years of an abusive mother. Due to this I have a passion for abused children and children who are in need of help. Over the years, I have been able to help many chidren in need. I am also a long time rancher, leaving the abuse to be raised on a large Quarter horse and Hereford cattle ranch. I went on to work for three large beef cattle ranches in Arizona and California. I know how ranching can change your life. Later, I worked as a civilian contractor for Camp Pendleton's base stables and for Fort Irwin NTC preparing troups for their deployment overseas. In doing so, I met and worked with many men and women in uniform and have had the experience to understand what they go thru. I have a huge heart for those that serve our country to protect our lives and our freedom. These men and women have given up so much for us, life, limbs, family they could serve or be prepared to serve our country!
       Mason, my husband, is valuable to our team as he is a master of many and most trades, from working as our mechanic, to training our dogs, he keeps the ranch running.
 Mason was asked to work at the Fort Irwin National Training Center it 1983 when the facility was first re-opened. He worked at NTC supporting our troops for 33 years. Over those years he was accredited and regarded by Generals with over 30 service awards for his 'over and beyond the normal' dedication and service. During his many years on base, Mason worked with soldiers who were preparing for deployment and has seen first hand what they go thru. Mason was lead of a team who put together live scenarios, that these soldiers trained in, to prepare them for war. He has learned to understand what these men and women go through in their lives, so he is a valuable asset here on our working service Ranch.
       Our children, Bailey and Wes are a big part of our working ranch as well. They have grown up on the ranch, learning the foundation of stock work and hard work. Our children are involved heavy in our dog breeding program and enjoy working with our clients. 
We are working towards bringing a sense of peace to so many who just dont feel that way yet.

We have finalized our Therapy Ranch business which has been a long time passion of ours and are now working hard towards getting it up and running full time. We will be breeding and training service dogs on the ranch as well! 

 We are working on a new website to reflect this, So please bare with us and    check back for new information!

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We are a service therapy ranch. We also breed and train service dogs and dogs for everyday family life!