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Help for Soldiers and our children page

  If you would like to learn more about PTSD, how prevalent it is and how badly it affects our men and women who have put their lives on the line for us to be free, visit this link.. 


Our veterans, their children and wives are suffering bad, with little help out there except for a crisis help line and Wounded Warriors. These soldiers do not want to talk to a trained person on the other end of the line who will not be there for them tomorrow. Wounded warriors is amazing, yet they help the severly wounded, where do the men and women with mental stress go? They need somewhere to go, to feel needed and wanted and to take the time to rehabilitate. A place  to feel at peace again. Here is a link to a sad story of how PTSD without help can forever destroy lives.


Other links to amazing stories of horses helping soldiers..


www.riding my way back.com

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The plan,

Our goal is to build a ranch to help children and soldiers who need someone to care. We will bring soldiers who need a reason to live onto the property to help with the construction of the housing, the building of corrals and pens, set up of childrens area... this will give them the feeling of being needed and working towards a great cause, while participating in the set up of the ranch.  Within a year; we should be able to start helping soldiers and children in need. Once the ranch is fully set up, we will be able to focus on interaction with the ranch. Care and maintience of the ranch and animals is what changes peoples lives. Horseback riding, riding lessons, trail riding ,training horse and foals, camping on horseback, fishing, moving cattle during cattle drives, training cow /agility/ therapy dogs, interacting with and breeding goats, milking cows, doctoring animals,  tractor work... all the everyday ranch work that fills a soldier or child's soul with a feeling of being needed so they can be sent out into the world feeling stronger and knowing they are worth it!

All our puppy sales are going to fund the ranch we are working towards!

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!

Hellen Keller

We have researched heavily the needs of Soldiers with PTSD and are working on becoming certified with PATH International.


We are working towards expanding our ranch to help our children and soldiers who are hurting. We want to make life better for them by showing them what they cant see at this time in their life... that life is worth living and they can get past the pain. 
We want to help children who have been abused or neglected,  who just need someone to care.


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