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​Max is used as a therapy horse.

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Max    Foundation bred Quarter horse gelding Gentle, solid broke gelding. Anyone can ride, easy to please, will go anywhere. Reins, ties, hobbles, stands all day. Can let sit for a month and hop on and go. All around easy horse.

15.1, 1200#

 Missile   Doc O'lena gelding

Well broke all around ranch gelding. He has worked cattle outside, worked in feed lots and ponied on the track.  He is easy to ride, travels well and willing to do whatever. Big built horse with lots of go. Stands tied quiet, hobbles, good for farrier.

15h 1350#

Alice  Doc n Peppy / Leo mare

 Well broke, gentle and very athletic. Reining training, stops strong, has a pretty spin and great turn back. Been used on the ranch and ridden in the mountains. She is a smooth traveler, willing to go anywhere you point her and is very responsive. She has roped cattle outside, branded calves, and heeled in the arena. Alice is tough with no quit.  Completely broke in the face. Hobbles, stands tied quiet, easy to bathe and shoe.

15h, 1150#

Tucker  High Brow Hickory gelding

Tucker is a solid, well broke gelding. He brands calves, heels steers, helps doctor calves outside, you can use him like a pair of pliers. You can get about any job done on him and enjoy yourself doing it. He is about the best traveler, we chose him when we have a long way to go. You never come back tired. He is big hearted and will go strong all day. Pulls by the horn tough. He has a big motor and is all business, yet gentle. Well bred gelding and it shows in the way he moves,. Hard stopper, quick turn back, moves around easy. Plenty of cow, smart and talented.

14.3h, 1200#

Ironside  Leo/Hancock mare

Ironside is a smart, kind, quick, responsive mare She is willing to do whatever you ask. Sure footed, will pick her way thru brush and across river beds. Well built mare with a strong stop and great turn back. Very cowy, will follow a steer. Would make an excellent versatility ranch horse.

15h, 1200#

Bullet   Leo /Hancockfilly 

This filly is smart, athletic, easy going and will make a great working cow horse.Broke to ride. Working the ranch.

14.2h, 1100#


 Big John       Peppy San Badger gelding

Gentle, solid, big, broke gelding. Easy to please. Use him to brand and doctor cattle, rope off, pulls nice and easy. Goes well down the fence line, picks his path and moves well over any terrain. This is a big, easy going, well rounded ranch horse. Well built with thick legs and big hooves.

15.2, 1250#

Shotgun   POA Mare 

Sweet, shy girl with lots of go. Easy to handle. Very willing to do anything, smart. Good walk on her, can keep up with the big horses. Big build, very nice conformation, great hooves. Moves well, would make a nice dressage pony or great working cattle pony.

13h, 950#