16" Tall at the shoulder

34# at mature weight

Tumbleweed will have Blue merle's and black tri's with Blue or Copper colored eyes.


    What a personality!  This girl is super sweet, super loving, yet so funny! She is just a ball of obsessive love! Tumbleweed is precious, she just wants to be by your side and doing whatever you are doing. She is a great family dog. Easy going, alert, silly, playful and CUTE!

Tumbleweed is also VERY intelligent!! This girl will learn anything quickly. She is so smart, she opens the dog latches to let all her friends out, then goes to the pasture gate and opens that! Now, that's not all, she only does this when you're not around! As soon as she sees you in the vicinity, she immediately stops and waits until you leave!

Tumbleweeds pups will have a cute and funny personality. These pups will be easy going, follow you everywhere and make you laugh. As for drive, these pups have more fun energy than our other pups, but in no way high drive like other breeders. 
It's like this... our girl Sage will come to you, lower her head and sit next to you quietly. 
Tumbleweed will come to you with a big smile, butt wagging and stand next to you with a big grin while looking up at you begging for a pet !

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Tumbleweed is full panel CLEAR of being AFFECTED by any Australian Shepherd genetic defects.

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Tumbleweed is AKC and ASCA Registered.