Sedona is a mix of our family and working lines. She is a truly devoted dog and very intent on pleasing you. She is extremely agile and excels in many competition venues! She is a quiet dog with an easy going spirit, focused on the tasks asked of her and always ready to work for you. She learns extremely quick and offers behaviors with an excellent work ethic. Sedona loves children and is a very sweet and gentle dog.

Sedona's pups will make excellent competition dogs, trick dogs, personal buddies, or all around family dogs!


obedience dog

Sedona is red factored

blue merle

Sedona is AKC and ASCA registered

40's at mature weight

19" at shoulder

best dog breeds

Sedona will have Blue and Red merles and tri's with blue and amber colored eyes

Sedona is CLEAR of being AFFECTED by any Australian Shepherd genetic defects.