Reata has a clear genetic panel by parentage and is not AFFECTED by any disease trait.

blue merle
blue eyed aussie

19" at shoulder

42# at mature weight

​​​​​ Reata

Good Dog Breeder, Paw Prints, Family Dog

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Reata is AKC and ASCA registered.

Reata will have self blue and red merles and blue and red bi's with blue and or auburn eyes 

Reata is out of Delta and Canyon. She is relaxed and easy going like her dad, yet has that want to be your right with you like her mom.

Reata is a very smart dog just like her parents. She watches your every move and acts accordingly. She is a great dog to have around and a true best friend. 

Like her parents and siblings out if this bloodline, Reata can open doors and gate latches, ride on the back of your horse with you, work as a service dog and do pretty much anything else you want her to do. She'll even lay by your side all day if you just want to cuddle up and watch movies!


Reata is laid back, yet dont let that fool you, she is focused on you and pays attention to everything going on around her. She is a sweet, loving dog, willing to do anything asked of her.

These dogs make excellent search and rescue dogs. Dogs out of this line have been trained as cadaver dogs, bomb squad dogs and we are working on getting them into the police force next!

Reata, just like her sister Grit is agile and conformationally built to perfection to make a GREAT competition dog. This line EXCELS as working dogs, herding dogs, Dock diving, agility, frisbee... you name it... They can and will succeed your expectations!

Reata's puppies make excellent partners for the whole family, or for a child who needs a best friend.​​​