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Marana is out of Woods and Blue Bear lines! These are the best bloodlines you will ever find in a dog, period.
These are some of the very few original Aussie lines. You will not find the intelligence, sound mind, solid demeanor and loyalty of these dogs hardly anywhere anymore!

AKC agility

     Marana, out of our smartest girl Delta and our loving and highly intelligent stud Canyon. 

This girl is perfection.

She comes out of our top dogs and she shows every bit of it perfectly. She is highly intelligent, very focused and very attentive. 

Marana's entire focus is on her person. She wants nothing but to be with you and watch over you. She will love you and obsess over you until the end. 

Marana is showing all attributes to make the perfect service dog, as she is completely focused on her person and their needs. Being extremely attentive, she gives true devotion to her person.  She is there the instant you need her.

Marana is a very quiet and respectful girl. She will talk to you, though not as a bark, but as if she is saying words and carrying on a conversation with you.

This is the bloodline we use to train for service dogs and I truly believe this bloodline is the best out there for someone in need of a service dog!

 I absolutely cannot say enough about this dog and this line.

I wish everyone could know and have this true Aussie mind.

The pups from this girl are exceptional for children who need a good friend, autistic children, ADHD, PTSD and anyone looking for a truly serious

personal companion.

family dog
black bi
akc agility
akc rally

Marana is CLEAR of being AFFECTED by any Australian Shepherd genetic defects.

Marana is AKC and ASCA Registered.

Black bi australian shepherd
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     .Marana's whole focus is on you and what you are doing. Even as a pup, she will follow right with you, not leaving your side, while other dogs run by. She watches your every move with her focus on waiting to please you. She is extremely loving and loyal. Marana is an extremely easy dog to work with, as She is human like smart. She picks up your words and gestures quick and reacts instantly to them. She has fulfilled our expectations and a whole lot more! This is the dog we strive hard to produce!

Marana's pups highly excel in any sporting venue and are extremely agile!

19" Tall at shoulder

38# pounds at mature weight

 Marana will have blue and red merle's, red tri's and back tri's with white legs and white collars with blue, amber or duel colored eyes.