Grit is AKC and ASCA registered.

Grit is out of Delta and Canyon! She is strong minded and obsessed with her person like her mother and has her dads super loving traits.

Grit is an incredibly smart dog! She is human like in her thought process and learns fast. She is desperate to please you and to have your approval. Grit, keeps the want to serve you alive within this bloodline! She lives and breaths to be by your side and please!


Grit is intense, focused and pays attention to everything going on. Her pups make excellent search and rescue dogs. Dogs out of this line have been trained as cadaver dogs, bomb squad dogs and we are working on getting them into the police force!

Grit is extremely agile and conformationally built to perfection to make a GREAT competition dog. This line EXCELS as working dogs, herding dogs, Dock diving, agility, frisbee... you name it... They can and will succeed your expectations!

Grit's pups make excellent partners for the hiker, or runner who wants a dog to watch over them and stay alert.

These dogs are perfect as family dogs, or personal companions as well. They also have an intense passion for children!​​

Grit has a clear genetic panel by parentage and is not AFFECTED by any disease traits.

Best agility dog
working dog
Blue eyed aussie

18" at shoulder

38# at mature weight

Pincie Creek, Working Dog, Cattle dog

agility dog

Grit will have self blue and red merles and blue and red bi's with blue and or auburn eyes 

​​​​​ Grit