Delta is FULL panel CLEAR of being AFFECTED by any Australian Shepherd genetic defects.

Delta is Genetically tested CLEAR of NHEJ1 Collie eye anomaly and CLEAR of HSF-4 Hereditary cataracts.​

   With Delta's pups, you get a highly intuitive dog that is there immediately when you need them. They take almost no training, just seeming to know what you want and need. They are extremely devoted to their person and respond only to you. They are very expressive,, almost human like in their thoughts and actions. They are an exceptional dog to have by your side. When you move, they move. They will lay close by watching your every move waiting for you to need them. They will automatically, with no training protect you and watch over your family. 

Now, these pups will bond with one person. They will love on everyone in the family, play with
 them and watch over them, yet always have their eye on that one person and prefer to listen to only them.

  Delta is an incredible dog! From day one, this dog has been amazing! She is extremely loyal! Unbelievably smart! exceptionally devoted. She focuses on your every movement, laying in wait for that moment when you need help from her. This girl will fulfill your every thought, she reacts the instant you ask! She is willing and wanting to do anything for you!

  She wants to work for you and loves to move chickens, sheep, hay string, buckets, anything you need help with on the ranch. When hiking or moving cattle, she is always ahead of you checking the trail to make sure it is safe for you to proceed This girl will ride in your saddle, or on the front of the quad with you to do chores. She will sit all day next to you under the kitchen table, or follow you all day long on the ranch.

  Delta is protective and will not allow anyone to get close or come on our property unless we tell her it's ok. When we come home from town, Delta gets in between us and the house door, talking to us, telling us to let her in first. Once we open the door, she runs thru the house to check things out, she then comes back to the door and "talks" to us, coaching us in with a back and forth gesture!

  On the flip side, Delta loves to play with the kids. She is up for anything, whether it's swimming in the trough with the kids, climbing trees or running ahead to clear the road while they ride bikes.  She will give hundreds of kisses and follow her little people everywhere to keep watch of them.

  Delta is also helpful, she collects anything left out the night before by the children or us ie; baseballs, work gloves, and piles it unchewed by the back porch! She is awesome! 

  Delta is a very calm, focused dog. She will lay close to where ever you are working and watch over you. As for a house dog, she is very quiet and prefers to stay out of the way under a table. She will watch your every move never faltering, she does not sleep until you do. She does not need exercise and is very respectful when around or in your home. She lives only to please you!

   Delta is unquestionably from the best bloodlines of a true working Australian Shepherd you will find. You can see it in her Pedigree and in her. This girl has the top bloodlines of titled and hall of fame grandparents.  

                        What an amazing Aussie... 

                              she's got you're back! !


Pincie creek working dog

Working Dog, Ranch Dog, Cattle Dog, Blue Bear, Woods, Pincie Creek 

19" Inches tall at shoulder

44#Pounds at mature weight

Delta taking a break during a long, hot work day.

Delta always ready and waiting for your command.

Delta is AKC and ASCA Registered

​         Delta learned to do what was asked of her with no formal training. She just jumped in and started working by listening to voice commands and gestures. From penning cattle, cutting cattle, pushing cattle on horseback, moving horses into corrals, to rounding up and pinning ducks and chickens, she works with ease and confidence. Delta is small, quick and extremely agile. She is very correct in her conformation with arched toes and a great top line. She can jump extremely high like a frisbee dog and stretch out flat on the ground to swiftly get under a fence panel. Her focus is like no other. She will sit all day watching a steers every movement waiting for you to say go. Dogs, kids, etc. can run by, she will not stray from that focus to go to them, aS her only concern is working for you.

                     Delta is truly one of a kind and it shows! 


Delta always takes care of our animals.

  *Delta is out of HAll of FAME and WTCH TITLED Woods and Blue Bear lines with her grandfather being Osceola! These are the best proven bloodlines you will ever find in a dog, period.
  *These are some of the very few original Aussie lines. You will not find the intelligence, sound mind, honest demeanor, solid work ethics and loyalty of these dogs hardly anywhere anymore!


Delta moving cattle from pen to pen.

Deltas grandfather is Osceola a Hall of Fame #135 2005 ASCA Nationals champion! WTCH titled.

High Combined Champion, Duck Champion, Reserve Sheep Champion!

Delta will have self Blue merle's and black and white puppies with Blue eyes, Amber or Duel colored eyes.

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