Dally is very loving, friendly and easy going. She loves being with the family and playing with the kids. The first thing she does is greet you with a huge smile! Her pups make great cattle, agility and family dogs.

herding dog

Dally's Sire ~ Rising Sun Adam Bomb (Sire: HOF SPCH WTCH ATCH-II OTCH Certik-Bertik RTDcs UDX TD RN RS-E-SP JS-E-SP GS-E-SP MAD AA AJ AG AR AS EJC ERC EGC Dam: WTCH Rising Sun Blue paper Doll).

Dally is a wonderful livestock guardian dog. She gets along with all our livestock and has protected them from hawks and coyotes!  She is also very protective of our children and gets between them and anyone she doesn't know.

Dally pregnant wih her litter of pups.

Dally is very easy to get along with and easy to train, Super smart and savy.  

  She just gets it and U. She loves to please.

Dally is a super dog for famliys. Shes happy to lay by your side for a belly rub, play fetch, hop in the truck for a ride, follow you on a hike or play in the trough with the kids.

20.5 " inches tall at shoulder

49#   pounds at mature weight

Dally is AKC and ASCA Registered

Dally is genetically tested CLEAR for NHEJ1 Collie eye anomaly and CLEAR for HSF4 hereditary cataracts.

Dallys grandfather is one of the "most titled Aussies" in the world 'Certik-Bertik' and it shows in her!


Dally is very impressive at working cattle with another dog. She will head or heal which ever the other dog leaves open. She goes at the cow nice and easy and impresses us when she immediately backs off when she knows the cow is going in the direction she wants. Thus not over stressing the cattle. This girl will put them right where you need them with no direction from us!

working dog
herding dog