Our Canine Breeding Program 

     Why our breeding program and dogs stand out ... 

We strive to produce a sound minded, calm, focused, agile, highly intelligent, genetically clear Australian Shepherd.

Our dogs are AKC and ASCA registered, cleared of disease traits thru genetic testing and parentage, Ofa'd hips good, Dna'd and health guaranteed.

We work with you to fit the right bloodline and personality into your home.

We are professional and knowledgeable breeders of the Australian Shepherd. We know our dogs, our bloodlines, our genetics, our personality traits, our crosses and the outcomes.

We are also canine behavioral trainers, so we understand the canine thought process, behavior and language. 

We offer pre trained puppies and advanced trained adult dogs for your needs.

We also work with two service dog trainers and three general behavioral trainers in Az and Ca. These trainers are available to help our clients and asses our puppies for our clients needs.

     We work with a Harvard Research Team participating  in studies of Canine behavioral sciences as well as attending advanced canine studies. 

     We are extending our knowledge by attending courses thru the University to become proficient and certified as canine and equine Osteopaths of the whole body function and health.

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     Our Ranch Crew ~

     Ironside Ranch is owned and operated by Jennifer, Mason and their two children, Bailey and Wes. As long time ranchers, they know the benefit of having a trustworthy, honest dog by your side and a good, sound minded horse under you.


     Jennifer was, raised on a large Quarter horse and Hereford cattle ranch. She also trained and competed in Dressage and Show jumping in her early years. Later, she worked commercial beef cattle ranches in Arizona and California. Now, she raise and trains working ranch horses and Australian Shepherds with her family.


     Mason is retired from serving the U.S. military for 33 years. Mason is valuable to the ranch as he is a master of many and most all trades, from constructing barns, fixing tractors, doctoring livestock, or managing the work, he keeps the ranch running.


     Bailey and Wes are a big part of the family ranch as well. They have grown up on the ranch, learning the foundation of stock work and hard work. Wes is a certified welder and Bailey works for the local veterinarian. They are both heavily involved in the breeding and training program and enjoy working with our ranch clients.

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     Our Ranch

             We are a working cattle and Quarter horse ranch. We also breed and train Australian Shepherds for everyday family life and as service dogs.