Sage, daughter of our top and most intelligent dogs, Delta and Canyon.

 Sage is very intelligent, surpassing all the dogs she has come across so far in agility, obedience, and German shepherd training classes! This girl at 6 months of age, amazed the professional dog trainers with her respect for her trainer, her calm demeanor and her instantaneous reaction to training.

Sage, like her father, is very intelligent! She can open any gate or door and seems to understand everything you say to her, as she responds immediately by doing what you ask. Sage wants to please, making her very easy to train! 

Sage is a very mellow and super easy going girl, nothing bothers her. She is very happy to be with her family and enjoys getting love and attention. She likes to put her nose to your's and just stare into your eyes.

She is very respectful in and out of the house. Sage even as a pup would not jump on you or your furniture, she just seemed to know what was expected of her.

Sage's puppies will be easy going, quiet, calm, family friendly dog's.   

19" tall at shoulder

39 # at mature weight

Sage will have solid Blue merle's, solid Red merle's and Red tri's with Blue eyes.


Sage is AKC and ASCA Registered.

      Sage is FULL panel CLEAR of being affected by any Australian Shepherd genetic defects.