We cannot say enough about Canyon. His human like intelligence and super level headed personality makes him the most incredible dog we have ever known !

 Canyon will brighten up your day with his gentle, loving way and big smile!!

Canyon with his son, he really takes good care of the little ones.

Canyon  at 6 months of age, moving cattle perfectly thru the shutes to be loaded.

Canyon was always an easy going, good boy, even as a pup.

Canyon getting a pat on the back at the end of a long day moving cattle.

  50.3 # pounds at mature weight

  21"  inches tall at shoulder 

Canyon is AKC and ASCA Registered

Canyon is FULL panel CLEAR of being AFFECTED by any Australian Shepherd genetic defects.

He is also CLEAR for NHEJ1 Collie eye anomaly and CLEAR for HSF-4 Hereditary cataracts.

Since the day we brought Tater tot home and told Canyon she was our pet, he watches over her like a hawk when shes playing around the ranch.

Canyon loves his little people! Any chance to sneak a kiss, he'll take it.


 Canyon is without a doubt one of the most intelligent dogs we have ever lived with. During the night, Canyon will open his dog proof latch on his pen, go to his friend's pens and proceed to open the latches on their gates to let them out!

 Canyon has also been caught opening the front door of our home with his paws to let himself in because he wants to be with us.!

Canyon is very respectful, always doing whats asked of him. He will drop anything to listen or be by your side.

Canyons intelligence has made it to where he never needed training, he watches your gestures, tilts his head, listens to your voice, seems to know what your asking and does it! Canyon amazed us with cattle, unlike any dog we've worked with, he is so calm and easy with cattle, he knows exactly what to do and how to go about it!

  When canyon and dally were 5 months old and untrained, we took them with us to work cattle, we wanted to see how they would react., We were absolutely amazed. They worked together, one and then the other, pushing one cow at a time from the pasture, thru the chute, and into the holding pen, calm, quiet, with no bite, and so smoothly! All everyone heard was me yelling, "Did you see that?! This is unbelievable!!" 

 Canyons father is out of the "most titled aussie" in the world, 'Certik Bertik'!

Canyons Sire ~ Rising Sun Adam Bomb (Sire: HOF SPCH WTCH ATCH-II OTCH Certik-Bertik RTDcs UDX TD RN RS-E-SP JS-E-SP GS-E-SP MAD AA AJ AG AR AS EJC ERC EGC Dam: WTCH Rising Sun Blue paper Doll)

 Canyon is such a passionate, dedicated family dog. This dog will love you, stay right by your side and work for you! Canyon loves his family, especially his children and is extremely easy going.

  He truly wants to please!