Blue Ridge

​Blue has had a FULL panel genetic test and is not AFFECTED by any disease trait.

Blue will have blue merles with blue and or auburn eyes and black tri's and bi's

Blue is AKC and ASCA registered.

19" at shoulder

46# at mature weight

Blue is a pretty, sweet, loving, bonding and right by your side girl.

She makes a great best friend!

Australian shepherd

Blue is a very smart dog. She wants to please, is easy to train and just wants to be by your side. Blue is very agile and has more energy than our other dogs. She would make a great competition dog in any event as she is eager to do for you and ready to go when asked. (This girl can jump and is agile as a mongoose!) She would also make an excellent companion dog for the hiker or runner who needs a partner.

Blue is also a great family dog, as she enjoys engaging with everyone in the family. She loves to have your attention and will nuzzle into your chest for love. She loves kids and enjoys playing ball, frisbee or just following along for a bike ride. She is up for any adventure and independent enough to be fun, yet not hard to handle. She gets along with and enjoys playing with other dogs and is good with all livestock.

She is a great family or personal one on one dog!

Blue has a full ophthalmologist exam and is not affected by any eye disease.